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Take a step to end rape culture by uplifting LGBTQI people of color who survived child sexual abuse

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Help Us Share Our Stories With The World

Mirror Memoirs is a national storytelling and organizing project uplifting the narratives, healing and leadership of LGBTQI+ Black and indigenous people and other people of color who survived child sexual abuse, as a strategy to end rape culture and other forms of oppression and injustice. The project was founded in 2016, when Founding Co-Director Amita Swadhin received a fellowship from the Just Beginnings Collaborative.

From 2016-2018, Amita interviewed 60 survivors across 15 states in the US), and
* 68% are transgender or non-binary folks
* 42% are Black
* 10% are indigenous
* 37% are Latinx
* 28% are Asian American
(percentages greater than 100 because of mixed race folks)
*9% were raped or sexually assaulted by a cisgender woman

In September 2018, a team of transgender and non-binary child sexual abuse survivors of color gathered at Dartmouth College to begin coding the story archive into data.

Now, our team is ready to begin disseminating the stories and initial findings, and training our community members to continue growing the archive while training direct service providers, policy advocates, philanthropic organizations, social justice organizations and concerned members of the public on the implications of our collective stories. We have a vision for how we can end rape culture and make the world a safer and more joyful place for all people.

We need your help to meet our dissemination and training costs!

* An audio editor will cost $15,000
* Podcast production will cost $10,000
* A graphic designer will cost $15,000
* One training institute will cost $25,000

And that doesn't include any paid staff time to actually manage the project!

We have just received fiscal sponsorship from Community Partners, a best-in-class nonprofit organization supporting new social change ventures.

We are applying for grants, but it will take time for any funding to come in. In 2019, we are expecting the bulk of our support to come from individual donors.

We know there is so much rich knowledge and wisdom in the Mirror Memoirs archive. Such vision around what a liberated world will look like, a world in which no children get raped, no humans get raped - and clear insights and ideas about how we get there. Please help us share our stories with the world.